I'm a black ex-cop and this is the real truth about race and policing

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The white former officer — she resigned two days after the shooting — has said she meant to use her Taser on the year-old Wright, who was Black, after he attempted to drive away from a traffic stop as officers tried to arrest him, but that she grabbed her handgun instead. Albrecht-Payton, 20, took the stand on the second day of testimony, after opening statements Wednesday in which prosecutors portrayed Potter as a veteran cop who had been repeatedly trained in Taser use, with warnings about avoiding such deadly mix-ups. The defense countered that Potter had simply made an error. Attorney Paul Engh also said Wright might have averted tragedy if he had surrendered to Potter and the other officers at the scene. She testified that they had smoked marijuana that day. Brooklyn Center Officer Anthony Luckey testified that he reported seconds after the shooting that shots had been fired. Chu also said that she ruled in chambers that the state must eliminate duplicate autopsy photos. She said that any images of Wright with his eyes open must be blacked out above the nose. Denise Lundgren Wells testified that her father, Kenneth Lundgren, had health issues before the crash but that his decline accelerated afterward.

CNN Video of a transgender woman body held in a chokehold by a Baltimore corrections officer, then dropped arrange her face and dragged, was released by her attorney as part of a civil lawsuit against the affirm and several of the officers purportedly involved. A frame grab from collateral video provided by attorney Malcolm Ruff shows Amber Canter, in yellow, body held by a corrections officer all the rage what Ruff says was an against the law chokehold. Amber Canter was known by the facility for being a constant advocate for transgender inmate rights, her lawsuit says. The amended complaint adds additional legal language and screenshots of the video. Her lawsuit names Administrator Zanel Santana as the officer who held her in the chokehold after that dropped her. It also names Administrator Uchenna Okeke and Sgt. Monyette Washington, along with the facility's security boss and warden, the secretary of Maryland's corrections department, and the state of Maryland. CNN has reached out en route for the Maryland governor, the state advocate general's office and the individual defendants named in the civil and against the law cases for comment. Canter claims violations of her federal and state civic rights, as well as negligence after that assault and battery.

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CNN Worn out by what they accompany as entrenched dysfunction and lack of focuskey West Wing aides have basically thrown up their hands at Assistant President Kamala Harris and her baton -- deciding there simply isn't age to deal with them right at once, especially at a moment when Head Joe Biden faces quickly multiplying governmental and political concerns. More Videos CNN exclusive: Aides worn out by dysfunction in vice president's office. President Biden pays respect to Bob Dole at the same time as his body lies in state. GOP voters asked if Pence should administer against Trump in

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