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This piece is part of Not Your Faulta Teen Vogue campaign that aims to educate people about the epidemic of sexual assault. For more on this series, click here. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, where she studied how different aspects of sexuality are linked to health and well-being. Over the past couple of years, we have started emphasizing the importance of sexual consent more than ever before in U. But what often gets left out of these discussions is how exactly you go about the business of obtaining and providing consent in real-life sexual situations.

Having unequal libidos , at least infrequently, is a super-common long-term relationship announce. My boyfriend and I just distinguished our two-year anniversary. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw. So I reached out en route for a few of my favorite sexperts for their advice on how en route for solve this common quandary. Radakovich stresses that the important thing is en route for talk about it. Emily Morse , sexologist and host of the Femininity With Emily podcast, agrees that communicating your desires and preferences is answer.

Budding good communication is important in relationships, and that's just as true after it comes to sex—which is why knowing how to describe what you want in bed is such a valuable skill. Piping up about a new turn-on, or wanting to aim new positionscan increase the intimacy amid the two of you—or even reawaken the spark when you and a longtime partner have plateaued in the bedroom. Sometimes, a fear they'll bash their partner's ego holds them ago, Tanner says. Often, they don't appreciate how to answer the question constant when they're asked, because they don't even know what they want.

Altogether products featured on Glamour are alone selected by our editors. However, after you buy something through our go links, we may earn an associate commission. We've all watched and announce about plenty of kinky sex ideas we'll never forget you, Fifty Shades of Grey , but how a lot of of us really take those desires beyond the books we read after that into our bedrooms? If you're looking to shake things up, there are plenty of ways to do it. From the tame to the blustery, we've rounded up the 31 finest kinky sex ideas to try absent. The next time things are heating up, whisper in your partner's ear just how sexy they look—and advise you get an even better analysis.

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