Who is Bengi from First Dates Hotel? Story of losing mum has fans in tears

Mother for 53296

Kim Sun Bi Shin Jung Geun remained the most mysterious employee, but this week we finally learned his heartbreaking story: after passing the state exam at a young age, he was considered a genius — except that he kept failing the civil service exam every year. While studying tirelessly, the lonely scholar found comfort in writing stories based on the lives of commoners around him — which, of course, the stuck-up scholars thought was disgraceful. When he finally passed the exam, the hardworking, kind-hearted Scholar Kim was denounced as vulgar and his life was ruined. But now, he finally gets to tell his story and earn the renown he deserves, with the help of two writer ghosts. And seeing the three ghosts working together — Kim Sun Bi finally telling his story and the two writers eagerly working to set it down on paper — was as touching and heartwarming as the closure they all derived from it.

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