Burning body in Glasgow park terrifies locals after 'dog walker' makes grim find

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Emma Clay claims she now fears leaving her own home after being whipped in the face. A pug owner was left with a black and swollen eye after being whipped in the face with lead by ranting dog walker. Emma Clay, 36, was walking her seven pugs in Cricketers Park, Wavertreewhen she claims she saw a male acquaintance in a confrontation with professional dog walker Nikki O'Donoghue at around 1. Emma claims she tried to defuse the situationbetween the pair but Mrs O'Donoghue, of Diamond Doggy Care, accused her of siding with the man. Two sequences of footage, recorded by both Emma and a witness, show Mrs O'Donoghue stood by her van and then re-entering the park to confront her victim. She attempts to grab the phone out of Emma's hands before twirling a dog lead and eventually whipping it into her face as Miss Clay tries to back away.

Househill Park in the Pollok area of the city remains sealed off afterwards a burning corpse was found arrange Wednesday morning. Get the latest Scottish crime and courts news sent above-board to your inbox with our day after day Criminal Record newsletter. Forensic officers are still probing charred remains, believed en route for be human, after reports have emerged that a dog walker in Glasgow made the grim find. Househill Common in the Pollok area of the city is still sealed off afterwards the burning corpse was found arrange Wednesday morning. Emergency services scrambled en route for the scene at around 7. Constabulary later confirmed the remains found by the site appear to be being human and a major investigation has been launched. The death is allay being treated as unexplained and arrange Thursday morning specialist forensic teams were seen scouring the site of the blaze. One local dog walker said: Police have been asking all the dog walkers if they saw everything. I always walk mine early all the rage the morning but I happened en route for go to Rouken Glen yesterday break of day.

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