How I Landed My Dream Job While 6 Months Pregnant

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People talk about obvious ones — cravings, fatigue, nausea, body shape — but there are also situations like negotiating new working arrangements and reworking your finances that can make this a difficult time. As well as physical, financial and social changes, many women experience emotional changes during pregnancy too. Mixed emotions are a normal and necessary part of preparing to become a parent. Like unexpected physical health complications for example, high blood pressuremental health problems can affect any woman during pregnancy. Talking about your feelings can be the first step towards feeling better. It's very important to look after yourself and recognise if you are finding it difficult to manage from day to day. If you have been feeling sad, down, worried or anxious for a while and this is starting to affect your life, it's time to seek help. Preparing for being a parent It can be helpful for both expectant mums and dads to learn about ways to help themselves and others through this time of change. Read parenting books, talk to family members and friends about their experiences as new parents and take some time to think about who might be able to provide support if you need it.

I swished a piece of candy amid my tongue and teeth one of the few things that calmed my uneasy stomach. I glanced at the car clock, which reminded me so as to my job interview was starting all the rage just a few minutes. It was a freezing, mid-December day in Additional Jersey. I took off my affectionate, worn out boots and squeezed my swollen feet into a pair of flats. I pushed myself out of the car, adjusted my XL jersey and shirt combo, and waddled all the way through the front door. I was six months pregnant, and I was applying for a new job. I was commuting a grueling four hours arrange a bus every day from Additional Jersey to get to a arduous assistant role at a fast-paced media company in New York City. Not to mention I was also a propos to be a single mom?

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