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February 5, Shutterstock Before Fifty Shades of Grey made steamy encounters part of mainstream conversation, people mostly talked about their sexual proclivities in hushed tones behind closed doors. But according to a recent study on sexual diversity in the United Statesmore than 22 percent of sexually active adults admitted to enjoying role-playing, and another 20 percent said they enjoyed being tied up. With that in mind, we at Best Life did a deep dive to find out what goes on in the bedrooms of adults across the country in an effort to determine the kinkiest state in America. To do that, we used data revealed by PornHub's statisticians on the popularity of BDSM searches in each state by showing the percentage above or below what the national average is for these types of searches. A blog called Sex Club Diary published this data based on research conducted by using AdultFriendFinder, a dating site that is popular among swingers in the U. Lastly, Lovehoneya U. Finally, we gave each of these three metrics a weighted value before running them through our exclusive algorithm to see how each state scored on our point scale Kink Index, with 0 being as vanilla as a single scoop of ice cream and being the most uninhibitedly kinky. Read on to discover the kinkiest state in America and to find out where yours falls in the ranks.

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Acquire it now! You can use the melted wax to then massage your partner. Playing with heat and aloof temps is a fun way en route for dip your toes in the BDSM waters. If heat isn't your affair, you can try ice cubes as a replacement for those are free! What we adoration most about Lelo's massage candles is their luxurious Bordeaux and chocolate aroma. It's almost like you're slathering bonbon all over your partner's skin, although way, way less messy. They be able to cause irritation, injury, or nerve break if you're not careful, so it's best to go with a brace of soft ones.

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