Elliot Lake mall roof collapse: Town vows to stick together

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Since the roof at the Algo Centre Mall collapsed on Saturday afternoon, killing at least one person, hundreds of locals have camped at the site, refusing to leave until rescue operations bring some sort of closure. Some are family members of those believed trapped, others are friends. Yet others are strangers who say they will stay here to see the end of this grim narrative.

All-time resident Joshua Bouchard said people filled a local civic centre on Sunday, listening to songs dedicated to the two women who lost their lives when the Algo Centre Mall cover caved in. Just after 2 p. The events were originally set en route for be held at the site of the former mall, but people were forced inside by rain. However, the wet weather ended just in age for the release of the balloons, which carried cards emblazoned with delicate messages written out by residents. Residents who were left without their central social hub are eagerly awaiting the completion of the new building.

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