Urgent and Emergency Care

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A few EDs only treat adult patients although others are specialist paediatric centres. A lot of EDs deliver care to both fully developed and paediatric patients on the alike site. Many of these patients allow complicated illnesses and complex care-needs. This means that the number of patients who need to be admitted en route for hospital for treatment and care increases. While this is likely to add to the waiting times in EDs, we can reassure the public that altogether patients attending an ED will be seen and, as always, the sickest patients and those requiring urgent action and care will be prioritised after that seen first. Flu-like illness and erstwhile respiratory infections are very common by this time of year. Most are caused by viruses and these illnesses have a greater impact on older people; those who have underlying illnesses such as COPD, diabetes and affection disease or those with compromised except systems. It is much harder designed for them to cope with the complications of these illnesses.

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