What Looks Good on College Applications?

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It may sometimes feel as though you need to be an oboe-playing, straight-A-earning, multilingual All-American athlete to get into your dream college—and that you should hire a quartet of musicians to deliver your college application via musical telegram. First things first: Do not submit your college application in an unconventional format unless the school has expressly asked you to do so! Number 1: Colleges tend to have similar criteria for admission and we know what those are. Number 2: Even still, there are ways you can stand out! Academics College is foremost an academic pursuit—so it makes sense that academics figure importantly in admissions decisions. Here are the two ways that your academic performance gets communicated on your application: Grade Point Average GPA The most important step you can take to make yourself a competitive candidate is, of course, to work hard in school. Your GPA is the single most influential factor that any college will consider. It reflects your performance as a student over almost four years of your life and offers insight into what sort of college student you will be. If possible, enroll in honors classes during your freshman and sophomore years, and then AP classes during your junior and senior years.

Deal with the latest strategic trends, research after that analysis Savvy hiring managers can assemble a ton of information about you by asking just a few, apposite questions. How would you describe by hand in one word? Why do they ask this? The question is apt being asked to elicit several fact points: your personality type, how assertive you are in your self acuity, and whether your work style is a good fit for the activity, Taylor explains. What makes it tricky?

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