Nearly one-in-five teens can’t always finish their homework because of the digital divide

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Their family of eight has been active in a three-bedroom apartment as elevated home prices and rents have made it difficult for entry-level and low-income buyers to find larger homes. Ballot Bureau data. New survey findings as of the Center also show that a few teens are more likely to accept digital hurdles when trying to absolute their homework. These broadband disparities are particularly pronounced for black and Hispanic households with school-age children — above all those with low household incomes. The overall share of households with school-age children lacking a high-speed internet association in is comparable to what the Center found in an analysis of Census data. At its most acute, the homework gap can mean so as to teens have trouble even finishing their homework. This is even more coarse among black teens. There were not enough Asian respondents in this analyse sample to be broken out addicted to a separate analysis.

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