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Occupation: Billing coordinator and go-go dancer Current city: Rockaway, New Jersey Zodiac sign: Pisces Justine is a Jersey girl who boldly walks to the beat of her own drum. This full-time billing coordinator, part-time go-go dancer, and Love Island superfan ended a six-year on-and-off-again relationship and is ready to find lasting love. Here's everything you need to know about Justine: - She was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide. She immigrated to the U. And, she's a sucker for a good smile. According to Justine, height is huge for me because I spend percent of my time in heels. I love wearing them because they make me feel confident, sexy, and I just love how they look.

The truth, however, is that there's denial age limit on looking good—in actuality, as you get older, you capacity just find yourself feeling more assertive and more attractive than ever. But, if you haven't reached that central point of self-acceptance yet, read arrange to discover how to look advance after Shutterstock No matter your become old, looking happy can make you appear more attractive and approachable. However, afterwards 40, that gleaming grin really starts to work its magic. It be able to even make you look younger: A study published in PLoS One reveals that individuals who smiled in pictures were perceived as more youthful-looking than those making sad or neutral faces. Shutterstock While many people associate shorter hair with a more mature air, keeping your hair super-long may essentially be adding years to your advent. As we age, our hair tends to get drier, more brittle, after that more prone to split ends, connotation the longer your hair, the a lesser amount of well-kempt it's likely to look. Alike goes for sports jerseys and erstwhile items that 'say' a lot.

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