Candice Huffine's 5 Unexpected Rules for Dressing a Curvy Body

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Most men when asked are not impressed by those skinny models in magazines that we see as perfect? Thinking I was overweight and a lot bigger than my friends. Truth is I was a size 10 with a stomach that I would now give my right arm for! When I had my son I gained about fifty pounds, and ok quite a bit has come off, but not all of it. The thing that also changed my mind about missing the skinny me was that men were still hitting on me. I was a little shocked about it all, but I finally got a male friend to fess up and tell me why he liked curves. Why do men like curvy women you ask? Make note here, ladies, use those boobs to your advantage!

The Curvy Girl Club: Finding positive words to describe girls Christina Katz At once Media Group Girls need to attend to words that accurately describe them all the rage a positive light on a accepted basis. Naturally, I said she was not fat. I said she a minute ago happened to have lean friends, although not everyone in the world was thin. I emphasized that there was nothing wrong with being curvy, so as to many girls and women are curvy, and that being curvy is a bite to be proud of, not everything to be embarrassed about. She sniffled, wiped away a couple of tears, and seemed intrigued by the aim. I rattled off a few celebrated curvy women off the top of my head. Jennifer Hudson. Katy Perry. Each time she recognized a appellation, she seemed to brighten up a bit.

The first rule is there are denial rules. Often I think that ancestor get too bogged down in can you repeat that? a curvy woman can and cannot wear and playing by the rules all the time will box you in. You should never be anxious to try new things. Start along with the right foundation. You will avert unsightly lines that way.

Source: Getty Images The number one ask that I get asked as a body image expert and pound female who loves her body is: How did you do it? But actually, my secret to loving my amount just the way it is? The first time I met a curvy woman who loved her body I was probably in second grade. Moore wore business skirts and silk blouses, and the lace of her blunder was barely visible through the diminutive slit at the back. Girlfriend sauntered. And at age seven, she changed the way I saw my coming unfolding.

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