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But, that is not to say so as to the first The Hunger Games film to be perfect. There are a handful of things that still don't make much sense. These are seven narrative elements of the film so as to put the odds less in its favor. In their final moment all together before Katniss is to leave, her little sister gives back the attach in hopes that it will care for her in the arena. I am going to ignore that inconsistency, but, because that is not nearly at the same time as impressive to how that skills essentially help him in the Hunger Games. Not to mention, the hallucinations she does begin to endure do not really add up either. After escaping the treetop by repelling her challenge tributes and indirectly killing one, who conveniently happens to be a associate archer with tracker jackers, Katniss begins to fall prey to some dreadful visions courtesy of their genetically engineered venom. Wait a minute… Of avenue, Panem citizens watching the Hunger Games heard Flickerman talk about tracker jackers and anyone in reality watching the movie heard of him say so as to, but Katniss, stuck in the amphitheatre at this point, did not.

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