8 Things You Should Know About Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

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What it means to be an HSP Originally identified by psychologist Elaine Aronhigh sensitivity is actually a genetic personality trait. Studies from Aron estimate that 15 to 20 percent of the population is born with the trait. Regardless of labels, each and every individual is different. However, getting a massage sends me into a trance-like state of satisfaction. According to Aron, some HSPs feel physical sensations deeper than others. That has a bright side, like when small displays of affection elicit a deliciously strong reaction of pleasure. On the other hand, it may also result in a lower pain tolerance. The golden rule is to slow it all down, start gently, and always do so with consent. We notice everything really, everything Whether a tiny flake of pepper stuck in between your teeth or microscopic differences in body languageHSPs are constantly analyzing others.

I've written endlessly about my hypersensitivity en route for sad movies, the emotional hardships of people I love, and the grating energy from creepy entities breathing arrange me on the train. I've been vomiting out dark tales of my acute sensitivity across the great area of the Interweb for the after everything else six months. I'm sick of character about it. You're sick of analysis it. You're saying to yourself, You're sensitive, Zara.

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