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It is aimed at those men who discover a BDSM community and who suddenly and inexplicably forget every social skill they have ever learnt in their entire lives. New and shiny submissive men, this is for you! Nor is it appropriate to present her with a list of your fetishes as if your kinks are some kind of gift to her. Dominant women looking for a submissive are women seeking a relationship. Think about this for a moment. It makes her feel like you are looking for a female body to fit into your fantasy, that you will submit to any female-identified person would you?

Why do Women, even very attractive women, stay in relationships with Men who treat them badly? Is it at a low level self-esteem or a desire to accept to a dominant man? A ascendant man who will provide all the romance and excitement she has been brought up to believe is her natural right. In my case it was the latter; I wanted the big, handsome hunky guy who would sweep me off my feet, act towards me like a princess in broadcast and his sex slave in the bedroom. But, as most women achieve out, life is not a elf tale. A real life Rhett Butler probably does exist but you bidding have more chance of finding a needle in a haystack. Elizabeth Bennett found happiness but for every Mr Darcy there are hundreds of egocentric men who think a woman's activity is just to supply sex after that child care.

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