'A--hole survival guide': 9 tips for dealing with jerks

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Unfortunately, once alcohol is thrown into the mix all bets are off. The Kleptomaniac This person is sneaky and most of the time, hard to catch. The worst part? The Destructive Drunk This person has no chill level whatsoever. He storms into the party, shouts something obnoxious, punches a couple holes in the wall, breaks a bottle, and then leaves. No matter the mood of the party, he is always looking to start something. To sum this up quickly, he is the epitome of an asshole. The cops are handing out a noise warning and everything seems calm at the moment until this guy comes around the front yard and immediately proceeds to relieve himself, while the cops stare at him. He hands out cups, tells everyone where the drinks are, or even charges your unlucky guest for a cup to make a quick profit.

Snubbing Sutton believes there is a alteration between temporary assholes who might be having a bad moment or calendar day and certified assholes who are constantly nasty. In this instance, he was acting like a temporary asshole after that to be a certified asshole he would have to act like a jerk persistently. Famous bosses who Sutton cites as having weakened their arrange by bad behaviour include Al Dunlap and Michael Eisner. Sutton also identifies Hollywood boss Scott Rudin as an example of a certified asshole - Rudin has fired personal assistants designed for reasons such as bringing him the wrong muffin. Sutton asserts that Rudin also qualifies as an asshole at the same time as his targets are less powerful than him and are left feeling humiliated. He believes constructive arguments benefit firms and help workers come up along with better ideas. Sutton cites the Intel co-founder Andy Grove as someone who believes workers should challenge each other's thoughts.

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