I'm too shy to date. How can I learn to approach people I like?

Guy who shy to 21177

Description Anyone can make the first move, shy guys are no different. Read on to discover the best tricks shy guys can use to talk to girls. Talking to women can be a daunting prospect and some guys may well feel the pressure a bit more than others to make the first move. However if there is a girl you like, and you think you are too shy to take the initiative then see our top tips to talk to girls. I am suggesting stay in your group of friends with the girl you like, or join a social group that your crush is in. This way the pressure of one to one time evaporates. Spending time with the girl you like in a group setting can allow you to lay the foundations of getting to know each other and having a quick flirt without the fear of going in there all guns blazing. You must accept your challenge and allow yourself to make mistakes, learn from them and move on closer to your goal. By trying different techniques or breaking the ice in some way will all be a learning curve for you.

Able-bodied, with a shy guy you allow to be more available, take the lead more often and maybe constant give him the first kiss. Adhere to in mind, however, that he desire to be responding very positively en route for each of your moves. If he plays sports, go watch. Be around as he finishes a marathon. But he is giving a talk, aim to arrange to be in the audience. When a shy guy is in his element he will be at the height of his allure and at a high point of self-confidence.

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