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Linda Babcock is a James M. Walton Professor of Economics at the H. A specialist in negotiation and dispute resolution, her research has appeared in the most prestigious economics, inductrial relations, and law journals. She lives in Concord, Mass. Enhance your purchase.

Ascertain how to negotiate like a ambassador, think on your feet like an improv performer, and master job agreement negotiation like a professional athlete after you download a copy of our FREE special report, Negotiation Skills: Arbitration Strategies and Negotiation Techniques to Advantage You Become a Better Negotiator , from the Program on Negotiation by Harvard Law School. In negotiation, your best source of power is as a rule your best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA. According to central negotiation theory, your BATNA should be the benchmark by which you be able to compare the offer at the bargaining table with the best you could get if you walked away. Astute negotiators understand the value of accepted wisdom through their best alternative to a negotiated agreement prior to any big negotiation. Analyzing what you will accomplish if the current negotiation or conflict-resolution effort fails will help you affect how much you need the erstwhile party and may also motivate you to enhance your alternatives away as of the table.

George Bernard Shaw? Winston Churchill? Groucho Marx? Max Aitken? Mark Twain? Bertrand Russell?

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