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Improving their sex life from time to time is one thing that individuals and couples give great importance in their life. Physical attributes, mental state and a healthy lifestyle are some of the commonly seen traits among people who have a great sex life. But there is one very unusual behavioural pattern which apparently stays the same in people who consistently have a good time in bed. Research suggests that having loud sex is the key technique for better sex, since men and women who moan more and make noise have better mutual satisfaction.

Femininity, pleasure and the best way en route for achieve orgasms vary from couple en route for couple. The study, conducted by Chapman University in American examined the femininity lives of 39, married couples after that co-habituating heterosexual men and women who have been with their partners designed for more than three years. MORE: Couples who do this have better femininity. Other things that were found en route for boost satisfaction were mixing it ahead and trying new things, taking age to set the mood and putting effort into foreplay. Basically, you acquire out what you put in. MORE: What your sex dreams really aim. The study found that only half of the couples involved considered themselves to be sexually satisfied and so as to other sexual acts — like showering together and using sex toys — were lacking. In conclusion, sex is like a marriage in the awareness that it needs commitment, effort after that passion to be successful. MORE: The secret to a more intense orgasm.

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