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This team oversees official events, mentorship programs, diversity initiativescontributor outreach, and other ways of growing our community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to comment on posts and join the discussion. You can learn about our current activities on the Team Projects page. You can use our contact form to volunteer for one of our projects. If there is anything you would like to discuss — you do not need to inform them in advance. You are very welcome to drop into any of the Community Team Slack channels at any time. How are we doing that? Great question.

I think the title says it altogether. I Dare you not to achieve something that suits you in the list below. Try them for three weeks and see what worked designed for you the most. Now, of avenue, you have to know how en route for talk to people, have a a small amount fun, exchange contact information and abide it from there.

Along with more companies adopting flexible work-from-home policies, virtual meetings are quickly becoming a norm. Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend at this juncture. With this new reality comes the need to start making these meetups more meaningful and fun.

Adhere a group to meet people, accomplish friends, find support, grow a affair, and explore your interests. Thousands of events are happening every day, equally online and in person! Meet additional people who share your interests all the way through online and in-person events. Do can you repeat that? you love, meet others who adoration it, find your community. The balance is history!

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